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School and Study Trips to Berlin
Berliner Informations- und Studienservice e.V.
Fidicinstr. 21 | 10965 Berlin

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our  profile


B.I.S.S.  is different because of the people working here. We are dedicated to educating students and adults about history and about this vibrant and fascinating city.

our  method


We show you the people behind historical events. We actively involve students in the process of discovering the connections between the past and the present. .

our  mission


We strive to make history come alive - especially for young people – and to make them understand events in their historiacal and political context.

Berliner Informations- und Studienservice e.V. (b.i.s.s.)

is a non-profit, politically independent organisation with over 30 years of experience in organizing study trips to Berlin for young people and adults from Germany and abroad. Our custom tailored programmes are a practical extension of classroom studies.

Our team and our guides have been involved with teaching and continuous education for many years and put a special emphasis on civic education. For example, visiting the German Parliament with its impressive dome or attending a plenary session convey a more immediate insight into the inner workings of our parliamentary democracy, its difficulties and Problems than a news programme could ever achieve.

Each theme is organized to perfectly suit your individual objectives and can be delivered in four languages (German, English, French, Italian). Each programme is also well suited to serve as social programme for meetings and conventions. We will show you Berlin’s fascinating, ambiguous and often quite contradictory diversity in the hope that it will sharpen your sensibility for the challenges of every day life here and thereby dispel false clichés.

unser team

  • Jan Aleith

    Executive Director
    “Everywhere you go in Berlin you can look at today's world and compare it very vividly with the remnants of the past.”
  • B.I.S.S. Guides and Chaperones

    All our guides and chaperones live in Berlin and we all love this city despite or maybe even because of her shortcomings. New trends first appear in Berlin because Berlin is incredibly dynamic and fascinating. Berliners are fundamentally optimistic and always keep their humor which is a good trait to have when facing the many nerve wrecking problems in this city. We will show you 'our' Berlin from both, the usual and the unexpected point of view.
  • Our Partners

    We enjoy well established and successful co-operations with our many partners (coaches, hotels and travel agencies). As a local charity we seek to support local businesses and help secure employment for our fellow Berliners.


  • "Perfectly organized! Every part of the programme was e real highlight. The guides were very competent and went the extra mile in trying to make our stay a satisfying experience.“

    Heiner Meyer

    Studienrat (Gymnasium)
  • "The Bike-Tour was a lot of fun. We also had enough time for breaks and at the end we were all surprised how much we had seen."

    Fabian P.

    Schüler (Realschule)
  • "I was surprise that the group managed evenlonger foot walks without any complaints. The narratives were quite captivating."

    Sarah Schmitzz

    Lehrerin (Hauptschule)