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School and Study Trips to Berlin
Berliner Informations- und Studienservice e.V.
Fidicinstr. 21 | 10965 Berlin

Tel.: (030) 693 6530


Our   service

You can book all city excursions separately or combine them to build your individual trip itinerary (some logistical restrictions may apply).

We will also gladly organize your trip as an 'All-inclusive'-Package comprised of travel, accomodations and programme .

As a charity under German Law we are able to offer these high quality trips virtually at very reasonable prices to schools and other educational institutions.

Please enquire via email or use the Contact Form  to obtain a quote for your personal trip.

If you book the 'All-inclusive'-Package this will cover:

  • costs for a return trip from your place of departure to Berlin (and back) including any transfer by bus or train
  • Room and Board (half board, and central location)
  • Weekly pass for all public transport
  • Fees (Speaker's fees, entrance fees, visits of projects etc.) )
  • Chaperonage for the group by a B.I.S.S. - guide
  • Reservations (only!) of tickets for the theater, concerts and other events
  • A small contribution to the administrative costs of the charity (helps to keep trips affordable for schools)

Travel  by Train, Bus or Plane

We will always choose the best offers available for rail travel. Please remember, that especially group tickets will give you no further choice of departure times, so do not miss your train! Alternatively we can always organize travel by bus. However this becomes only cost-effective with a group of at least 35 people.

Accomodations  in all price categories

To accommodate school classes or student groups we co-operate with a number of youth hotels with different price categories. Rooms will normally be shared by two or more students. There will of course be single accommodation available for supervisors and teachers. Prices are subject to class of hotel, but here again: the sooner booked the better the choice.
Adult groups can of course be accommodated in hotels of every category

Personal  Support

If you’re travelling by rail one of our staff members will welcome you at the station and accompany the group to the hotel. We recommend a public transport seasonal ticket for the duration of your visit. We can purchase this ticket for you and hand it over on arrival. If you’re travelling by bus we will welcome you at the hotel, where we will explain the details of the program and hand over all the relevant tour documents.

travel  insurance

Since you need to bool your trip way in advance we recommend that you purchase appropriate travel insurance. Unfortunately, we can only help arrange travel insurance for German groups.

Scheduling Your Trip

The general rule is: The earlier the better and the easier to fulfil all Your wishes concerning accommodation and activities. Berlin’s attractiveness makes short term planning exceedingly difficult and sometimes even impossible. We recommend a planning begin about 9 to 12 months before your actual visit.

Contact with projects or city departments

Our extensive contacts to a variety of initiatives, projects and administrative agencies will give you an opportunity to speak and conduct interviews with members of their staff.

Theatre and Concert Tickets

Please make a note of it, thattickets to the theatre, concerts or other event (those are not included in the tour price. Tickets will usually be deposited at the box-office and billed separately.)

Course Materials

Please let us know well in advance if you need us to provide you with course material and in which form. The same applies if you need rooms for seminars.